Get your GEA Westfalia centrifuges back in top shape with Separator Works.

At SeparatorWorks, we collaborate closely with you, offering our expertise and introducing the newest advancements and breakthroughs. This ensures that your machinery and facility consistently align with your requirements, optimized for top-notch performance, dependability, and adherence to regulations.

Westfalia Separator
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Project Management Expertise by SeparatorWorks

No matter the scale of your project, our team of service project managers brings a wealth of firsthand knowledge from your field and countless ventures across sectors like food, beverage, dairy, chemical, pharmaceutical, and more. We excel in delivering streamlined and economical project management solutions, encompassing tasks ranging from issue analysis and installation to commissioning and performance validation.

Westfalia Separator

Consultative Offerings

At SeparatorWorks, our project management specialists are skilled in vital elements such as critical path assessment, project scheduling, and financial planning. We stand ready to offer insights into executing even the most intricate projects with utmost efficiency. Staying attuned to all safety and hygiene prerequisites, we provide comprehensive assistance encompassing engineering design, project coordination, and logistical aspects, ensuring the punctual and cost-conscious achievement of project goals. This expedites the process of realizing returns on your investments.
Furthermore, we extend the provision of resident engineers who furnish continuous on-site maintenance aid, coupled with remote support as needed.


Which repairs are managed within the workshop?

Repairs necessitating extended time for resolution on-site or demanding specialized equipment beyond what can be transported to your facility are directed to our SeparatorWorks workshop

Frequent repairs conducted in the workshop encompass:

Restoration of bowl shells (e.g., addressing pitting, galling, fit, finish)
Overhaul of bowl components (e.g., sliding piston, disc carrier, lock ring)
Refurbishment of lower frames
Maintenance for tubs and domes
Refitting of pumps and impellers
Revamp of disc compressors
Utilization of bowl and frame tools

Sustain Optimal Production Levels

The cumulative effects of wear and tear are undeniable. Many centrifuges that arrive at our workshop could have been swiftly repaired and reintegrated into the production process if addressed sooner. Our team of service technicians recognizes repair needs in the field based on three pivotal categories.

Westfalia CB505


Bowl-related pitting or imperfections can undermine the structural integrity of the bowl shell, posing a significant risk of catastrophic failure.

Westfalia GEA


Detecting and rectifying defects at an early stage can significantly extend the operational life of your equipment. By ensuring proper balance of the bowl, we minimize the vibrations it generates. 

Westfalia Separator


Neglecting necessary repairs hampers the centrifuge’s ability to perform at its prime, making it challenging to meet production targets effectively.

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