Max bowl speed 6500 RPM, rated @ 3000 LPH on warm milk. 4.5 KW motor 415/3/50/1460 RPM. Very good condition. FCA Europe.

1: What types of Westfalia centrifuges do you buy and sell?

We buy and sell various models of Westfalia centrifuges, including those used in dairy, pharmaceutical, chemical, and food processing industries.

2: How do I get a quote for selling my Westfalia centrifuge?

You can get a quote by filling out our online form or by contacting our sales team directly. Please provide detailed information about the centrifuge, including model, age, and condition.

3: What information do I need to provide when buying a Westfalia centrifuge?

When purchasing a Westfalia centrifuge, it’s helpful to know the specific model, application, and any customization needs. Our team can assist you in finding the right centrifuge for your requirements.

4: Do you offer warranties on the Westfalia centrifuges you sell?

Yes, all our refurbished Westfalia centrifuges come with a limited warranty. The specifics of the warranty can vary depending on the model and condition of the centrifuge.

5: Can I trade in my old centrifuge for a newer model? 

Yes, we offer trade-in options for customers looking to upgrade their centrifuges. Contact us to discuss the details and get an evaluation of your current equipment.

6: How do I know if a refurbished centrifuge is right for my needs?

 Our refurbished centrifuges are thoroughly inspected and tested to ensure they meet industry standards. We can provide detailed reports on the refurbishing process and the condition of the equipment.

7: What is the lead time for purchasing a Westfalia centrifuge?

 Lead times can vary based on the specific model and availability. We strive to provide prompt service and will communicate expected delivery times during the purchase process.

8: Do you provide installation and training for the centrifuges you sell? 

Yes, we offer installation and training services to ensure your team can operate the centrifuge efficiently and safely. Please inquire about these services when making a purchase.

9: Can you help with financing options for buying a centrifuge?

 Yes, we offer various financing options to make the purchase of a Westfalia centrifuge more accessible. Our finance team can provide more details and help you find a plan that suits your budget

10: What should I do if I need my Westfalia centrifuge rebuilt? 

For rebuilding services, please visit our sister company, Centrifuge World, at www.centrifuge.com or call them at 1-800-208-6075. They specialize in rebuilding and repairing Westfalia centrifuges to ensure optimal performance.

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Max bowl speed 6500 RPM, rated @ 3000 LPH on warm milk. 4.5 KW motor 415/3/50/1460 RPM. Very good condition. FCA Europe.

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