Westfalia Centrifuge Models

Separator Works is a leading provider of centrifuge service and repair, specializing in Westfalia centrifuges.


Types of Westfalia Centrifuge Separators

  • GEA ecoforce 10: Used for dewatering and thickening in municipal sewage treatment plants.
  • GEA ecoforce 20: Suited for separation tasks in the chemical and pharmaceutical industries.
  • GEA ecoforce 30: Employed for high-performance processing in the food industry, especially in beverage production.
  • GEA kytero 1500: Single-stage protein separation for the dairy industry.
  • GEA kytero 3000: Fat standardization in milk processing.
  • GEA marine Separator 40: Fuel and lube oil treatment onboard marine vessels.
  • GEA marine Separator 50: Optimized for newer low-sulfur fuels.
  • GEA ose 5: Oil/water/solids separation in oil recovery operations.
  • GEA ose 10: Efficient clarification in edible oil processing.
  • GEA ose 20: Used in large-scale industrial biodiesel production.
  • GEA msi 500-01: Continuous processing in the beverage industry.
  • GEA msi 500-02: Suitable for fermentation broth clarification.
  • GEA msi 100-01: Used in fruit juice clarification.
  • GEA msi 100-02: Employed in wine and beer processing.
  • GEA proplus 80: Ideal for starch processing and similar high-density applications.
  • GEA proplus 160: Used in protein concentration processes.
  • GEA bactofuge 100: Removal of bacteria from milk.
  • GEA bactofuge 200: Used in dairy processing to extend the shelf life of products.
  • GEA clarifuge 300: Employed in the purification of beverages like beer and wine.
  • GEA clarifuge 600: Suitable for the clarification of high-value oils.
  • GEA variopond P 50: Used in fruit juice production for pressing solid-liquid mixtures.
  • GEA variopond P 100: Commonly used in large-scale fruit and vegetable juice production.

Leading Dependability

Separator Works is a leading provider of centrifuge service and repair, specializing in Westfalia centrifuges. With a team of experienced technicians and a commitment to customer satisfaction, Separator Works is your one-stop-shop for all your Westfalia centrifuge service needs. Their technical expertise, extensive parts inventory, and customer-focused approach set them apart from the competition. Choose Separator Works for reliable and efficient Westfalia centrifuge service. Contact Us today to schedule your service and experience the Separator Works advantage.

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